Skateboards, rollerblades or similar items are impracticable on this type of course and are prohibited.

Sorry, but dogs are not permitted for safety reasons. Our health and safety plan does not allow dogs to be part of this event as there are risks mixing cyclists, runners and walkers with dogs.  For people meeting you at the Ashley River Picnic Ground, normal park rules apply, which require any dogs to be on a leash at all times.

Participants must follow the rules and any instructions given by the course marshals (who will be in hi-vis along the course.) You may be withdrawn from the event if you do not.

You must attend the compulsory pre-event briefing which will take place just before the start of the race at 0845. It is important, as it contains rules about risk avoidance on the route.

Please stay within the designated course. Although the Ramble is off main public roads, the stop banks and adjacent areas have formed gravel roads which are used by other recreational users in vehicles. Please be aware of other users of these tracks and take care.

Most of the Ramble is over uneven ground, along stop-banks. Please take care and slow down over the difficult parts. This is a fun run, not a race. Just by finishing you have done really well!

Along the run walk section of the course there are a number of large closed gates to stop vehicular movement. There is a pedestrian and cycling bypass around these. Please take care when negotiating around these and to avoid any objects that may protrude from the posts. Only one person at a time can get around these so please be patient.

Runners and walkers – please take care going down the wooden steps into the Ashley picnic ground from the stop bank. There is a bollard there as well to avoid.

Cyclists – please be aware that the tracks you will riding are not closed to the public and to be aware of others using them and take care.

Drinks and First Aid are available halfway along the course at Tulls Rd where it is closest to the stopbank (6.1km), at the end of Golf Links Road (9.1km) and at the end of the Ramble at the Ashley Picnic Grounds. Please keep yourself hydrated. There is also medical help available at the Ashley Picnic Grounds.

Toilets are only available at Waikuku Beach (start) and Ashley Picnic Grounds (finish.)

As careful as we are to make sure you are safe during the event, accidents and injury can happen. You are expected to be sensible, not skylark or over exert yourself.

If you or someone on the Ramble needs medical help, please contact one of the marshals or ring 111. There are medical professionals on duty. Please take the advice of the marshals and any health professional.

Although it is most fun to do the event in fine weather, that is something beyond even our control. We will try not to cancel the Ramble unless it is considered it will be or could be unsafe for participants to take part. Unfortunately, in the event of cancellation, there is no alternative event day and the event would be cancelled for the year.

We will have people taking photos of participants. We want to show off the event to those that missed it and to record what happened. If we take a picture of you, you will be deemed to have given your consent for us to use that image.

There will be no official timing available for the event. Please record your own time if required.

A course cut-off time of 12:00 noon will apply to the event. If you are unable to complete the course by the cut-off time you will be requested to stop participating for safety reasons.

All prizes are drawn at random. To win a prize, entrants must be registered in the event.

We hope you enjoy yourself on the Ramble and thank you for supporting a local cause!